Prevention of accidents at work in Nordic fisheries

What has worked?

image of Prevention of accidents at work in Nordic fisheries

The study is based on a combination of previous research and historical initiatives taken by authorities in the respective Nordic countries to promote safety in fisheries. So far there has been limited knowledge about what has worked and has positively influenced the rate and severity of occupational accidents, and fishermen's own experiences with prevention has not been studied. Therefore, the project has been supplemented with a joint Nordic investigation of fishermen, focusing on the accumulation of the fishermen’s experience regarding actions that have played a preventive role in terms of occupational accidents in fisheries. On this basis, the results of the study have been summarised. Possible explanations for the significant reduction in the work accidents highlighted by the report, and recommendations for dissemination of the results of the project have been outlined.



Finland: The fishermen's view – Measures taken to prevent accidents in the Finnish fishery

Ten Finnish commercial fishermen, who have been fishing at least 10 years professionally, were interviewed by telephone, using the common interview questions in this study. Contact details of the target group were acquired from the official registry of commercial marine and inland fishermen. The group of interviewees comprised eight fishermen who are fishing on the sea and two who are fishing on the inland lakes. One fisherman is only fishing on lake ice, using a dragnet. All but this one were skippers of their own boat. Four of the ten interviewed represented the Swedish-speaking part of the population, which reflects the actual proportion of Swedish-speaking commercial fishermen (34% in a recent study covering most commercial fishermen).


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