Perception of the Nordic Countries

China survey

image of Perception of the Nordic Countries

Increasing globalization is making the world smaller. The Nordic countries and their companies can benefit from this by exploring new markets. One of the most important markets to get established on is the Chinese, the biggest market in the world. In connection with the upcoming Worlds Exposition, EXPO 2010, hosted by the Chinese city of Shanghai, the Nordic council of Ministers has ordered a survey on the opinions and attitudes in China towards the Nordic Countries, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Denmark, and Iceland. The report is devised with the purpose of providing the countries and the Nordic council of Ministers with a tool to help plan their activities at EXPO 2010. The report emphasises on a range of different variables that shows the Chinese’ general positive assumption of the Nordic Countries especially on quality of life, public service, social environment, and economic achievements.



Further Analysis

The analysis so far has been at the aggregate level of the sample of 2053 people in China. This sample is big enough to support at least one level of sub-analysis. Cross-tabulation was therefore employed to identify significant differences in responses to the quantitative questions among the main demographic subgroups. This was achieved by applying tests of statistical significance to each of the sub-analyses for the 22 quantitative questions. In each case, the analysis was performed on a two-way division of the demographic variable: for example people with personal incomes under US$15,000 and those with US$15,000 or over.


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