Nordic eHealth Indicators

Organisation of research, first results and the plan for the future

image of Nordic eHealth Indicators

The Nordic eHealth Research Network was established in 2012 as a forum for policy makers and researchers to jointly work towards measurable policy goals and data that can be exploited to steer decision making related to goals and their implementation. This report describes first results of the Network: eHealth policy analysis and first common Nordic eHealth indicators. The results show similarities and also some differences in the eHealth policies, priorities and implementation. Interesting similarities and differences in availability and use of eHealth services in the Nordic countries were found with the first comparable eHealth indicators. The results create a basis for Evidence-based policy making as well as benchmarking and learning best practices from each other.




To be able to compare different Nordic policies, there is a need to understand/ analyse what is behind them. Building upon analyses of the current situation, the policy documents reformulate and define new eHealth goals. To define joint variables for Nordic countries (apart from the OECD-dataset), a structured analysis of eHealth policies was needed. This fitted well with the proposed indicator methodology, which starts from defining the context and goals (Ref. no. 13). These first two phases call for operationalization of the policies’ and strategies’ goals as well as a description of the stakeholders.


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