Innovative Public Procurement and Health Care

Nordic Lighthouse Project

image of Innovative Public Procurement and Health Care

This report focuses on the use of innovative procurement in the health sector in the Nordic countries. It presents six Nordic cases demonstrating best practice within innovative procurement. The report argues that despite challenges particularly relating to navigating the legal framework, there are benefits associated with the use of innovative procurement. The use of dialogue between procurers and suppliers is highlighted as a key benefit in innovative procurement as it leads to increased knowledge of possibilities available in the market and hence better solutions. As innovative procurement practice is still relatively new across the Nordic countries, there is a need to disseminate best practices and to develop procurement guides to assist the implementation. The report has been prepared by DAMVAD.




This report concerns innovative public procurement in health care in the Nordic countries. The focus of this report is therefore on procurement differing from traditional procurement in the way it is processed and the content of the procurement. Innovative procurement is considered more demanding than traditional procurement as it contains more barriers and complications. Hence, there is a need for further analysis. One of the central knowledge gaps concerns the lack of best practice examples that can illuminate how the barriers and complications can be overcome.


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