Nordregio Policy Briefs

Nordregio is an international research center for regional development and planning established by the Nordic Council of Ministers. Our policy briefs cover topics of both Nordic and European interest, with analysis of current issues and suggested paths of action for both policymakers and practitioners.


Industrial Symbiosis in the Baltic Sea Region

Current Practices and Guidelines for New Initiatives

Industrial symbiosis (IS) is vitally important in facilitating the move towards a circular economy by helping industries and businesses cooperate in the exchange of natural resources and production infrastructures. Strong public and private sector leadership and firm links between industry and research institutes are essential for the formulation of effective IS initiatives. This policy brief examines three good practice examples of IS from the Baltic Sea Region (BSR) and outlines practical guidelines for public authorities and business development organisations on how to develop and implement IS ecosystems. This research is based on the activities and experiences of a project, BSR Stars S3, which was financed by the EU Interreg Baltic Sea Region and focused on BSR cooperation within the bio- and circular economy.


Keywords: Industrial Symbiosis, ECO3 platform, the Paper Province, green growth, circular economy, Trøndelag industrial symbiosis initiative, Baltic Sea region
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