Increased exchange in the Building Sector

Recognition of professional qualifications in the Building Process

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In November 2004 the Nordic Council of Ministers together with the Nordic countries, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Poland decided to initiate a collaboration by approving an action plan for improved co-operation between the countries concerned in the area of construction and building. The co-operation will take place through the following activities: to make market information and information on national regulations accessible to potential actors on the market to expand the basis of experience and new found knowledge in housing construction to undertake a comparative analysis of regulations within the building sector intended to serve as a basis for deliberations on possible harmonization to make it possible to compare competency requirements imposed on certain actors in the building process, and - to establish a network for joint research and development on issues relevant to the plan of action This report describes results of the second stage of a project devoted to promoting increased transparency of procedures for recognition of regulates professions in the Building Sector, particularly making national systems easier to manage and more clear, quick and friendly to use, improving transparency of qualifications to ensure that customers can rely on a more comprehensive service.




This project is a continuation or the second stage of a similar survey under the title “Validation of competency requirements imposed on certain actors in the building process”. The subject of the project is to elaborate recommendations for a transparent and improved system for recognition of professions. On the one hand, a improved system should encourage to simplify procedures for recognition and to reduce bureaucracy in document processing. On the other hand, the recognition procedures have to be selective enough in order to separate and eliminate inadequate qualifications and thus to guarantee safety of construction works. In this regard it is apparently too early to eliminate completely regulated professions in the building sector. Obviously, obsession with simplification of procedures should not endanger safety of construction works. For that reason, finding balance between a sufficiently simple system and high level of safety should be a route leading to the solution, which meets expectations of all interested parties. The answer to the question to what degree the Working Group has succeeded in reaching that objective should be given by supervising authorities.


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