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A study of the Nordic countries

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The Nordic countries have reached a stage where the national level of development in the use of IT applications has extended to a Nordic level. This is partly a result of the Collaborative Net-work of Nordic eHealth Competence Centres, a voluntary group for experience exchange and common activities regarding ICT in healthcare. However, this Nordic co-operation needs to be strengthened and more structured, with the appropriate re-sources, legal foundation, skills and capacity, to further develop and exploit common solutions. This report is the result of a study carried out on request of the Nordic Council of Ministers, by Ministers for Social Affairs and Health. It has been carried out by the partners of the Collabora-tive Network of Nordic eHealth Competence Centres (Med-Com/Denmark, KITH/Norway, STAKES/Finland, Ministry of Health/Iceland, and Carelink/Sweden). The report describes the use of IT in health care and social services in the Nordic coun-tries. The purpose of the study is to enhance the opportunity for the Nordic countries to learn from each other and to co-operate in a larger extent.



IT Strategies

This section presents the IT strategies used in the Nordic countries. The aim is to describe the main strategic goals and priorities stated by the governments in this political area, and how they address the challenge to enhance the use of IT for all groups in society. The results of political action plans are described when available. However, we focus on the plans that are most relevant for our purposes, i.e. topics that concern IT in the public sector. The challenges and advantages that can be observed at the overall level are relevant for outcomes in the sectors we focus on.


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