Government budget for R&D

This indicator shows how many appropriations in per cent of GDP the R&D area receives in the Nordic region. Data covers Government Budget Appropriations or Outlays on R&D (GBAORD). GBAORD data is measuring government support to R&D activities, or, in other words, how much priority governments place on the public funding of R&D. Data refers to budget provisions, not to actual expenditure. GBAORD data is built up by using the guidelines laid out in the Proposed standard practise for surveys of research and experimental development - the Frascati Manual, OECD, 2002. At national level R&D and GBAORD data is compiled by the national statistical authorities. The currency is converted from euro (EUR) to EUR in Purchasing Power Parities (PPP), which eliminates the impact of differences in price levels among the Nordic countries. Data is available for Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden. Data also included for European Union (EU28), as well as the Euro Area (EA19). For more information on Nordic Statistics:


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