Cultural Industries in Russia

Northern Dimension Partnership on Culture

image of Cultural Industries in Russia

This study provides a state of the art analysis of the cultural and creative industries in Russia. It includes relevant statistics, the concepts of creative industries and the legislation in the field of cultural and creative industry in Russia, such as the law on culture and the federal program on culture. The study looks at the basic laws and practices of public organizations such as the changes of cultural institutions towards business orientation, and vice versa the opportunities for creative industry enterprises to take advantage of public funding. In this perspective, the divisions between governmental, non-governmental and commercial organizations as well as the new law on small and medium sized enterprises are presented. Some basic points of cultural networks and practices dating from the Soviet times are introduced in order to understand the possibilities to build creative clusters and creative enterprises in Russia. In addition, the study describes the volumes of some sectors, as audiovisual and film industry, traditional culture, games industry and cultural tourism.




The primary aim of the study was to provide knowledge and material for the Northern Dimension Ad Hoc Expert Group's endeavors to build instruments in order to support cultural cooperation in the context of the Northern Dimension. The study aimed at finding answers to questions on what is generally called creative business in Russia, how it is defined and whether creative business networks exist in Russia. The study was conducted at the Center for Markets in Transition (CEMAT), hosted by Helsinki School of Economics, in the summer of 2009. The overall responsibility for the research work was carried by Prof. Riitta Kosonen, director of CEMAT. The authors of the study were Dr. Päivi Karhunen, Dr. Katja Ruutu and Aleksander Panfilo. We thank Marianne Möller and Mikhail Gnedovsky for their valuable input to our research.


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