Cultural Industries in Russia

Northern Dimension Partnership on Culture

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This study provides a state of the art analysis of the cultural and creative industries in Russia. It includes relevant statistics, the concepts of creative industries and the legislation in the field of cultural and creative industry in Russia, such as the law on culture and the federal program on culture. The study looks at the basic laws and practices of public organizations such as the changes of cultural institutions towards business orientation, and vice versa the opportunities for creative industry enterprises to take advantage of public funding. In this perspective, the divisions between governmental, non-governmental and commercial organizations as well as the new law on small and medium sized enterprises are presented. Some basic points of cultural networks and practices dating from the Soviet times are introduced in order to understand the possibilities to build creative clusters and creative enterprises in Russia. In addition, the study describes the volumes of some sectors, as audiovisual and film industry, traditional culture, games industry and cultural tourism.



Financing of cultural organizations in Russia

As discussed earlier in this report, the cultural sector in Russia is relatively dominated by state organizations. Respectively, the state is a major funding source for cultural organizations. It has been typical that the state cultural institutions can get budget allocated money without much effort. The state funding for cultural organizations has, however, been drastically reduced in the post-socialist era. Real reductions in government spending on culture began after 1994. The amount of government funding in constant prices dropped by almost half by 1998, reaching just 53 percent of the 1992 level, then it rose to 72 percent in 2000. In 2001 it fell below the 1998 level, to 45 percent. There are no available statistics on culture as share of total central government spending, but government expenditure on culture per capita was 30.87 euro in 2005. The share of spending on culture by central government was 30.95% in 2005.


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