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The Nordic Region 2030: The five Nordic countries have formed a federal political entity – the United Nordic Federation. The new federation, with its joint constitution, joint government and population of 25 million, is a brand-new and major player on the European stage – well it would be if the countries have the courage to make it happen. The controversial historian Gunnar Wetterberg provides objective and detailed arguments for a new Nordic federation. A real federation, with responsibility for foreign and defence policy, the economic framework and all of the key legislative areas, from immigration to social policy. Last year, Wetterberg breathed new life into the debate about the rebirth of the Kalmar Union. The emotional, hard-hitting debate resonated all the way to Germany, Spain and Italy. He now presents his vision of the United Nordic Federation in theNordic Council and Nordic Council of Ministers’ Yearbook 2010. His highly controversial proposal is expected to reignite the debate in all five of the Nordic countries.

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Reach for the stars...

I have an ambivalent attitude to Nordic history. It has, of course, created the preconditions for what the Nordic Region could become, but in almost equal measure it is history that has obscured the opportunities that the future holds. We almost always view history in terms of its outcomes, so the five states seem more or less preordained. In fact, it could just as easily be argued that the opposite is the case: that six centuries of unfortunate incidents have hindered the unification that could otherwise have taken place, as happened in France, England, Spain, Great Britain, Italy or Germany.

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