Polar Law and Resources

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Current Polar law developments indicate that both the Arctic and the Antarctica will continue to be the focus of growing scientific, international, political, media and public discourse for the foreseeable future. The regulation of resources and associated issues form one of the key areas of Polar law and will thus continue to constitute the crux of legal, geopolitical, socio-economic, and environmental developments. An overview of Polar law questions and topical developments was provided in the pioneering 2010 Polar Law Textbook and in the 2013 Polar Law Textbook II both of which covered a number of topics relevant to the Polar resources debate. Building on this work, this new volume focuses on topical issues of law and resource development in the Polar Regions and covers topics of current and emergent resource-related issues mainly from a legal and political perspective.



Marine Governance, Fishing and Property Rights in Light of the Constitutional Debate in Iceland

Fishing is the backbone of the Icelandic economy and politics in Iceland is shaped by this fact. The economic and social crisis of 2008 sharpened public awareness of the importance of the fisheries sector and fuelled the debates on future arrangements in governance, including issues of property rights, privatisation and enclosure of the commons, as well as those on human rights and social justice. These debates have made it clear that Iceland needs to widen the choice of questions raised and broaden the assumptions that are made regarding good governance. It is necessary to move beyond narrow economic assumptions and to establish a fisheriesgovernance system which meets the criteria of efficacy, equity and sustainable human development. This chapter evaluates article 34 of the proposed government bill No 415 of 2012 on a new constitution which was not adopted but which looked at the common property rights of the Icelandic nation on natural resources, including fish stocks.


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