Guide on Market Surveillance and Safety of Consumer Products

Best practices in the Nordic countries

image of Guide on Market Surveillance and Safety of Consumer Products

Consumers should be able to assume that products are safe. A market surveillance monitoring system that takes into account diverse criteria for safe consumer products is essential in improving consumer confidence and the well being of citizens. A well functioning market surveillance system also benefits manufacturers and distributors, as it is in their interest to have a level playing field, without unfair competition from those that do not adhere to existing rules on consumer product safety. Within the framework of the Nordic Council of Ministers´ programme for co-operation with the adjacent areas the purpose of this guide is to inform authorities in the Northwest region of Russia on the basic principles on which the systems for market surveillance activities and safety aspects of non-food consumer products in the Nordic countries, and at the same time the EU, are based. This guide is intended to explain the regulatory framework, the practices and the procedures in the Nordic Countries, which are designed to safeguard consumers from products that do not achieve a reasonable level of safety.



Duty of Manufacturers and Distributors

The manufacturers and distributors of consumer products have an obligation to ensure that only safe products are placed on the market. In addition, they must provide consumers with the necessary information in order to assess a product's inherent threat, particularly when this is not directly obvious, and take the necessary measures to avoid such threats to consumers.


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