BAT in fish processing industry

Nordic perspective

image of BAT in fish processing industry

The Nordic Council of Ministers, the BAT Group under the Working Group for sustainable consumption and production, has requested the consultant to prepare a report on Best Available Techniques (BAT) in fish processing industry in the Nordic countries. The project describes the present status of the used techniques, their emissions and impacts on the environment and technologies that can be considered BAT. The provided information can be utilized by operators, environmental consultants and competent environmental authorities. The report will also be used as an input from the Nordic countries to the EU process under the Industrial Emissions Directive (IED) for preparation of the BAT Reference Document for Best Available Techniques in the Food, Drink and Milk Industries (FDM BREF) concerning the fish processing sector.



Case studies

The fish processing plant of Pelagos, which was located at Fuglafjørdur on the Faroe Islands, was completely new. It was opened in August 2014 and visited a month later. Fillet production had yet not started, but the whole fish processing system was in place. Figure 14 shows the delivery of at Pelagos. Fresh fish is brought to the plant in RSW water (Refrigerated Sea Water) from the fishing ground. The water was returned back to the boat after the fish had been processed. The fish processing system had been delivered by Skaginn (see details in Section 4.5.) from Iceland. The capacity of the plant has in phase 1 a freezing capacity of 600 metric tons/d, but is ready to be increased to 1,000 metric tons/d. The plant is the closest neighbour to a fish fodder factory; Havsbrun. Fresh waste is delivered daily during production. The product can be sorted in 12 different size categories, where each of the 12 categories can be sent to round fish freezing. The Skaginn production system are reporting the following benefit


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