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image of Accelerating 5G in the Nordic and Baltic region

Accelerating 5G in the Nordic and Baltic region

Testbeds are pivotal in developing and deploying 5G infrastructure in the Nordic and Baltic region. This publication investigates the challenges, potentials and opportunities in a differentiated 5G regional landscape based on a SWOT analysis and...
image of Nordiske kommuners arbeid med kunstig intelligens

Nordiske kommuners arbeid med kunstig intelligens

Kommuner i Norden arbeider med å ta i bruk kunstig intelligens. Chatboter svarer på spørsmål fra innbyggerne, algoritmer kan forutse lekkasjer i vann- og avløpsnettet, og det testes ut hvordan teknologien kan rådgi og støtte kommunenes...

Governing the Digital Transition in the Nordic Regions

The Nordic countries are often positioned as digital front-runners in the European and global contexts. Digitalisation is changing the nature of business, jobs and provision of public services. Rapid digitalisation and technological change require...

Smart Specialisation in the Baltic Sea Region

This policy brief summarizes the key activities and learnings of the BSR Stars S3 - Smart Specialisation through Cross-sectoral Bio-, Circular- and Digital Ecosystems project 2016-2019. The project focused on how to engage business and research...
image of Internet use

Internet use

This indicator shows the proportion of 16-74-years olds who has used the internet at least once a week during the last three months in the Nordic region.

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