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image of Nordic Economic Policy Review 2020

Nordic Economic Policy Review 2020

How well designed are the financial regulations that have been imposed after the global financial crisis in 2008–09 and the subsequent euro crisis? Will the new bail-in rules work in a systemic crisis, or do we risk further costly bail-outs by...
image of Nordic Economic Outlook 2019

Nordic Economic Outlook 2019

The Nordic Economic Outlook is an annual report on the economic development in the Nordic countries in terms of growth, business cycles and public finance. The report is produced by the Nordic Council of Ministers and the content is prepared jointly...
image of Policy Instrument Evaluation

Policy Instrument Evaluation

What role do evaluations for environmental policies have in the Nordic countries (Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden? And could evaluations be better implemented in order to create and uphold effective and efficient environmental policies? These are...
image of Circular Economy and the Nordic Swan Ecolabel

Circular Economy and the Nordic Swan Ecolabel

The transition to Circular Economy necessitates right incentives for choosing products and services with lower environmental impacts, in the form of price signals and sufficient environmental information. An ecolabel indicates that the product is,...

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