Mapping of Nordic Creative and Cultural Industries

Financial Environment

image of Mapping of Nordic Creative and Cultural Industries

The creative and cultural industries (CCIs) have recently been debated widely, and access to finance has been at the forefront. This KreaNord report, created in 2012, maps the Nordic CCIs’ financial environment, and shows that the environment is facilitating the same access to corporate finance for CCIs as for other sectors. However, the supply of project finance requested by CCIs, is rare/non-existing, and mostly provided as debt. This report concludes the findings as market failure in supply of debt instruments for CCIs, and recommends a development process be initiated.Republished in 2015 following the end of KreaNord, the Nordic Council of Ministers’ initiative on cultural and creative industries (2008–2015).



Creative economy financial environment

When evaluating and assessing a financial request or an investment proposal, any resource provider/financier is focusing on risks and rewards. He uses criteria and methods related to mission and strategy. Those are supposed to deliver information on eligibility and parameters and arguments to draw conclusions and facilitate decision-making. The criteria are depending of respective mission and expected return, which might vary from development impacts in societal and/or economic value to short terms maximised profits or any mix of those.


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