Use of ecodesign tools and expectations for Product Environmental Footprint

Case study of Nordic textile and IT companies

image of Use of ecodesign tools and expectations for Product Environmental Footprint

Use of ecodesign tools and expectations for Product Environmental FootprintThe report examines the implementation of ecodesign and green innovations inNordic textile and IT companies. The findings of this report are: 1) The respondents are fairly mature in terms of how they integratedenvironmental sustainability into their operations. Companies are mainlydriven by general willingness but deterred by cost increases. 2) Companies remain focused on technical innovations, whereas functionalinnovations are lagging behind. 3) Ecodesign tools and research and development activities are highly relevantfor promoting innovations. 4) The main tools used are Type I Ecolabels, Life Cycle Assessment and CarbonFootprint. 5) Few respondents are familiar with PEF, but many are interested in it. PEF is predominantly seen as a way to evaluate the accuracy of environmentalproduct claims.




Design is a crucial step in improving existing product systems and transforming them into or creating completely new ones with reduced environmental impacts (Arundel and Kemp 2009; Carrillo-Hermasilla et al., 2010; Pigosso et al., 2013). Green innovations and ecodesign are two approaches that help designers to consider the environment during the design process. Innovations and ecodesign share similar goals of improving, changing and creating products and processes. In addition, organisational, marketing and institutional characteristics related to the companies are relevant. The European Union set out the first Ecodesign Directive for energy-using products in 2005 and energy-related products in 2009, to guide national efforts towards sustainable production and consumption (Directive 2005/32/EC; Directive 2009/125/EC). The directive steers environmental performance by setting requirements on their energy-efficiency.


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