Unlocking regional potentials

Nordic experiences of natural and cultural heritage as a resource in sustainable regional development

image of Unlocking regional potentials

Ecosystem services in the Nordic countries entail a high potential with regard to regional growth and job creation. The report Unlocking regional potentials describes recent policy actions taken by the Nordic countries regarding natural and cultural heritage as a valuable resource in sustainable regional development. In addition, the report introduces examples of European and Nordic research and development activities concerning valuation of natural and cultural heritage. Nordic experiences underline the need to apply a broad view on regional development including the importance of natural and cultural heritage to human health, well-being, social inclusion and local identity. There is also a need to develop regional platforms for interaction between different interest groups, and to carry out further analyses of regional assets with regard to natural and cultural heritage.




In 2016, the Terrestrial Ecosystem Group (TEG) of the Nordic Council of Ministers highlighted the importance of regional development in its project activities. The project Nature-based solutions for regional growth was one of the two projects financed by TEG in this field. The current report summarizes the findings of this project.


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