Nordregio Policy Briefs

Nordregio is an international research center for regional development and planning established by the Nordic Council of Ministers. Our policy briefs cover topics of both Nordic and European interest, with analysis of current issues and suggested paths of action for both policymakers and practitioners.


Transition to a Bioeconomy in Northwest Russia

Current Potential and Challenges

The development of a bioeconomy is at the forefront of the national and regional agendas of many European countries. Yet, little is known about the status and the institutional and policy frameworks for bioeconomy development in Northwest Russia. This policy brief aims at increasing the understanding of the opportunities and challenges for bioeconomy development in Northwest Russia by drawing upon lessons learned from bioeconomy case studies in the Republic of Karelia, Murmansk and Arkhangelsk oblasts.


Keywords: fisheries, Bioeconomy, aquaculture, Republic of Karelia, Russia, Murmansk oblast, forestry, Nordic region
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