Towards Sustainability in Nordic Mining

A path towards sustainability for the Nordic mining industry

image of Towards Sustainability in Nordic Mining

The mining industry has a major impact on society – from an economic, environmental and social perspective and due to a vast number of criteria. Which criteria should be given priority depends on where the mining operations take place. The purpose is to examine the Nordic mining industry´s sustainability practice and to develop a guideline for its sustainability efforts. The research methods used in the study include a literature review, a content analysis of sustainability reports, a review of existing sustainability initiatives, guidelines and tools, a stakeholder survey and interviews with mining company officials. Based on the findings, a sustainability criteria guideline is suggested in the areas of corporate governance, fair operating practices, economic aspects, human rights, labour practices, society and the environment.




The mining industry has an economic, environmental and social impact on society, and various social groups are affected in different ways by the industry’s activities and decisions. You are one of the Nordic mining industries’ most important stakeholders, i.e. one of the individuals or groups that have an interest in the decisions or activities ofan organisation. We would therefore like to know what priorities you would like to see the industry make in order to develop its sustainability work. This survey is part of aresearch project on how the Nordic mining industry works with sustainability. Theproject started in June of 2015 and is planned for completion in August 2016. It iscollaboration between the respective research units for Environmental Managementand Economics at the Luleå University of Technology (LTU). The funding is provided byNordMin, a Nordic Network of Expertise for a sustainable mining and mineral industry funded by the Nordic Council of Ministers. The aim of the project is to look at how various actors view the work and sustainability of the Nordic mining industry.


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