Together Towards a Global Deal for Nature and People

Involving young people in setting targets for biodiversity, ecosystems and sustainable use

image of Together Towards a Global Deal for Nature and People

All over the world, young people are demanding action to protect our planet. In 2020 a new global deal for nature and people will be adopted, setting targets for the protection and conservation of the planet’s biodiversity and ecosystems. It is of crucial importance that the voices of young people are heard when these new targets are set, as this will affect not only the present generation, but also future generations and their livelihoods. In the Nordic Region we want to make sure that the voices of the young people will be heard and therefore we have developed this toolkit for involving young people in setting new targets for the protection and sustainable use of biodiversity and ecosystems, thereby securing a new global deal for nature and people! The toolkit is made available to young people and those who want to engage young people in the development of a new global deal for nature and people. Anyone who wishes to arrange, facilitate and engage in youth consultations is invited to use the toolkit. The results can be communicated to decision-makers, the public and other relevant institutions and will be part of a bigger movement of youth around the world. The aim is to support young people, youth organisations and other interested groups in their facilitation of discussions on key issues relating to a new deal for nature and people, and to ensure the credibility of the results from the youth workshop. The Toolkit has been developed in close corporation with the Nordic Council and the organization:8051, in close corporation with young people from the Nordic countries. Besides the Toolkit a Manual is made available for those who needs support in organizing workshops and consultations. The Manual is intended to provide information to organisers of youth workshops and participation, and to guide them in their preparation of the workshops. It is a flexible and voluntary manual which can be used in accordance with context-specific considerations.



The loss of biodiversity – What is at stake?


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