The use of emissions trading in relation to other means of reducing emissions

A Nordic comparative study

image of The use of emissions trading in relation to other means of reducing emissions

For quite a long time the Nordic countries have had explicitly formulated climate change strategies and have used various measures intended to curb emissions. Since 1 January 2005 an emissions trading scheme is in operation within the European Union, after several years of preparation. When setting climate policies the Nordic countries must take this new instrument in to account, and try and find the right balance between emissions trading and other means of reducing emissions. This study analyzes how the Nordic countries have dealt with or plan to deal with the conditions of the EU emissions trading system and the relation to other measures to curb emissions.



Other instruments and strategies 2008–2012

In the theoretical and quantitative assessments surveyed and discussed in previous chapters of this study, some conclusions were drawn concerning the use of other instruments in combination with ETS. It now also appears as if the EU ETS is working properly and that only minor adjustments to the system will be made in the second trading period. With this as the point of departure, this chapter looks at the Nordic countries current and planned use of climate policy related instruments.


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