The Potential for Green Textile sourcing from Tirupur

On the path to more sustainable global textile chains

image of The Potential for Green Textile sourcing from Tirupur

This report provides a thorough analysis concerning the situation in Tirupur, India, where the local government has imposed strict requirements on zero liquid discharge of wastewater in textile production. The report analyzes how Tirupur can turn the Zero Liquid Discharge re-quirements into a competitive advantage by creating a green textile cluster based on the Eu-ropean Eco-label Flower and ISO 14001. The report also includes an analysis of the demand situation for environmentally certified textile in the Nordic countries and how this demand can be affected positively.



Conclusions & recommandations

The closing down of the dyeing units in Tirupur has created huge capacity problems have made it necessary for sewing factories and exporters to use other dyeing factories in cities like Bangalore, Mumbai, Delhi, Ahamadabad and Ludhiana. Now it has become a permanent fixture in their production plan for all larger orders.


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