The Nordic Future of Work

Drivers, Institutions, and Politics

image of The Nordic Future of Work

The Nordic future of work How will work and working life in the Nordic countries change in the future? This is the question to be addressed in the project The Future of Work: Opportunities and Challenges for the Nordic Models. This initial report describes the main drivers and trends expected to shape the future of work. It also reviews the main distinctions of the Nordic model and recent developments in Nordic working lives, pointing towards the kind of challenges the future of work may pose to the Nordic models. Too often, debates about the future narrowly focus on changes in technology. This report draws attention to the broader drivers and political-institutional frameworks influencing working life developments, aiming to spur debate about how the interaction of changes in demography, climate, globalization and digital technologies may influence Nordic working lives in the coming decades.



The impact of emerging technologies on employment and work

The impact of new digital technologies on employment, production processes, work organization, employment and labour markets is expected to be far-reaching. New technological possibilities and combinations of them can bring paradigmatic change in products and the entire process related to its production (Arthur 2009). This will have consequences for the working conditions of individual workers and for employment at the workplace level, and in turn for structures that regulate the relationship between employers and workers. New technology is thus expected to bring profound changes concerning the types of jobs that will be needed, as well as where, how, and by whom these jobs will be done. This has sparked concern about the risk of growing job insecurity, inequality and potential job losses.


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