The Nordic Ecolabel 2015 -synergies with other information systems

image of The Nordic Ecolabel 2015 -synergies with other information systems

Seventeen Nordic and international labelling and certification schemes met at an international workshop on dialogue and cooperation at Lund’s University in November 2011. With this meeting among schemes across fields such as the environment, organic, fair trade and sustainability, NCM Working Group on Sustainable Consumption and Production and Nordic Ecolabelling has taken a first step to create transparency and exchange of experience between label schemes with relevance for Sustainable Consumption and Production. Prior to the workshop in Lund the consulting firm Ecostory mapped information schemes on the Nordic markets and carried out a stakeholder survey. Ecostory found four megatrends that are important for schemes within SCP: convergence towards sustainability, information overload, regulation as driver, and national/regional labels on global markets. This report presents findings from the mapping of schemes, the stakeholder survey and the workshop on dialogue and cooperation. Ecostory describes 10 key challenges and recommends policy responses and gives tentative proposals to follow-up and support cooperation between the Swan and other information systems.



Brief introduction to participating schemes

In this Appendix brief descriptions are given of the information schemes that have participated in this projects stakeholder analysis. The purpose is to provide summary descriptions of information systems and their objectives. The section will serve as a quick introduction to labelling and other schemes that have relevance to SCP and which may lie outside of the sector or subject areas most familiar to the reader.


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