The Nordic Bioeconomy Initiative, NordBio

Final report

image of The Nordic Bioeconomy Initiative, NordBio

The Nordic Bioeconomy Initiative, NordBio, was a cooperation program launched under Iceland’s presidency of the Nordic Council of Ministers in 2014, with the aim to accelerate the development of a sustainable bioeconomy in the Nordic countries, and to enhance Nordic influence on European and global bioeconomy policies.

The NordBio program was based on cross-sectoral cooperation with the involvement of five Nordic Councils of Ministers and three governmental ministries in Iceland. One important result of this cooperation was the establishment of a Nordic Bioeconomy Panel, tasked with developing a common Nordic bioeconomy strategy, expected to be finalised before the end of 2017.

This report is the final report of the NordBio program. It contains a summary of the main outcomes of the program, including its projects, the Nordic Bioeconomy Panel, and the closing conference of the program.



The five original projects

Several projects have been carried out under the umbrella of NordBio, supporting its objectives. The greatest emphasis has been on five of these, which are usually referred to as “the main projects”. An overview of these five projects will be given in the following sections, explaining their goals and the main outcomes.


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