The Nordic Aichi restoration project

How can the Nordic countries implement the CBD-target on restoration of 15% of degraded ecosystems within 2020?

image of The Nordic Aichi restoration project

The Convention of Biological Diversity commits the parties to halt the loss of biodiversity within 2020. For accomplishing this task, the Aichi targets have been established. Aichi target 15 aims at restoring 15% of damaged ecosystems by 2020. The Nordic countries are parties to CBD, and committed to the Aichi targets. This project will establish a basis that may be used by the management and political authorities in the Nordic countries for achieving Aichi target 15 on restoration of degraded ecosystems. The report explores the possibilities, limitations and challenges on how ecological restoration can contribute to the Aichi target, based on available knowledge and existing statistics on degraded land and restoration experiences in the Nordic countries and Estonia. This is intended as a contribution for future work at the national level and in local communities.



Input for further work on national level and in local communities

The overall ecological, social and economic outputs from restoration are recognized, and a part of the reason why the Aichi targets were formed. The outcome of each single project builds up the physical progress of restoration. Plans and strategies at a national and regional level are the key to add up the output from all activities to make up the full advantage and measurable progress towards the international target. However, to get restoration on the national agenda there is a need for support and understanding of the contribution to biodiversity and ecosystem services from lay people, decision makers and politicians. This support has to be created within local communities and from successful projects with an output that is appreciated by those directly involved. If local people become active partners in restoration projects they will be the best ambassadors for future projects (Burke & Mitchell 2007). To address this further and aim for effective outcomes of restoration we need to work from both national and local levels – and from this gain an added value.


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