Technical Report: Nordic Green to Scale for Countries

Unlocking the Potential of Climate Solutions in Kenya and Ethiopia

image of Technical Report: Nordic Green to Scale for Countries

Nordic Green to Scale for countries zooms in on two regions: Kenya and Ethiopia in East Africa and the Baltic States, Poland and Ukraine in Europe. This report presents the emission reduction potential of 10 selected solutions for the African target countries. The study highlights the costs, savings and co-benefits of implementing the solutions as well as makes policy recommendations for capturing the potential. The technical analysis was conducted by Stockholm Environment Institute (SEI) Africa Centre in close collaboration with African organisations and networks on key environmental and development issues. The project was carried out by the Finnish Innovation Fund Sitra, together with partners CICERO, CONCITO and Institute of Sustainability Studies at the University of Iceland. The project is part of the Nordic Council of Ministers' Prime Ministers’ Initiative Nordic Solutions.




This report explored how the scaling up of 10 low-carbon solutions in two East African countries – Ethiopia and Kenya – might play a major role in achieving their climate targets and going beyond them in line with the Paris Agreement and its objective of limiting global warming to well below 2 °C. To do so, we applied the Green to Scale methodology, focusing on GHG abatement potential, abatement costs, key enablers and barriers and major co-benefits.


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