Sustainable Textile Production Tirupur, India

Final report from a multi-stakeholder pilot implementation project in the Nordic countries and Tirupur, India

image of Sustainable Textile Production Tirupur, India

Global textile production chains are currently under pressure to become more sustainable. The Nordic Council of Ministers Working Group on Sustainable Consumption and Production has initiated a pilot project in order to understand how stakeholders in global textile production chains can support the pace of change, through the application of Eco-labels and environmental management systems in Tirupur, India where Zero Liquid Discharge norms for dye factories have been implemented, as well as improved labour practices and social and human rights. Nordic textile companies can benefit more from this development and encourage producers to continue on this track. This project conducted capacity building programs on ecolabelling, seminars in Norway, Finland and Denmark and a Buyer Seller Meet in Denmark. It´s recommended that the NCM supports further needed efforts for sustainable textiles.



Conclusions & Recommendations

From the Nordic companies’ side, it is clear that there is indeed an interest for green sourcing. But it is also clear that the only certain market segments among Nordic buyers are interested in applying the Nordic and EU Ecolabel. When it comes to the prioritisation of “green suppliers”, Nordic companies seem first to ask if a potential supplier can deliver the right quality at the right time, for the right price. Environmental and social compliance is very high on the agenda too, but it is not a first priority when looking for new suppliers, and it is not easy to “sell a potential supplier” to a Nordic company just by showing a strong environmental profile or Ecolabel compliance.


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