Sustainable jet fuel for aviation

Nordic perpectives on the use of advanced sustainable jet fuel for aviation

image of Sustainable jet fuel for aviation

The study assesses to what extent the production and use of advanced sustainable jet fuel may contribute to GHG reduction and mitigation, and identifies the commercial potential for initiating and scaling up advanced sustainable jet fuel production at a Nordic level. The report explores as well on how to most efficiently use the available Nordic know-how, feedstock and production facilities. The report draws on the latest available reports and statistics, as well as interviews with stakeholders and experts across the Nordic countries, concludes on identifying the most matured technologies, the Nordic opportunities and challenges, and ideas to mitigate the barriers within the Nordic private and public sectors.



Feedstock accessibility in the Nordic Region

This chapter summarizes the feedstocks suitable for a sustainable jet fuel production and discusses the availability and price. For a sustainable jet fuel production to be feasible, it must rely on a cheap feedstock available in sufficient quantity. The potential feedstocks for sustainable jet fuel are also potential feedstock for other renewable fuels, such as biodiesel or –ethanol. Thus, there is no feedstock base exclusive to jet fuel production, but rather a base shared with processes for producing sustainable fuels for road transport. Therefore, it is important to be aware of which other sectors currently utilize the feedstock and hence are in direct competition of demand. Furthermore, feedstock logistics influence the price of the final jet fuel price and is hence relevant to consider. The Nordic countries have a number of potential domestic feedstock, though imported feedstock are also discussed in this chapter. Finally, feedstock sustainability according to the criteria described in chapter 3 is essential to consider when planning a supply chain for sustainable jet fuel.


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