Selected Plasticisers and Additional Sweeteners in the Nordic Environment

image of Selected Plasticisers and Additional Sweeteners in the Nordic Environment

The report Selected plasticisers and additional sweeteners in the Nordic Environment describes the findings of a Nordic environmental study. The study has been done as a screening, that is, it provides a snapshot of the occurrence of selected plasticisers and sweeteners, both in regions most likely to be polluted as well as in some very pristine environments. The plasticisers analysed were long chained phthalates and adipates, and the sweeteners analysed were aspartame, cyclamate and sucralose. The purpose of the screening was to elucidate levels and pathways of hitherto unrecognized pollutants. Thus the samples analysed were taken mainly from sewage lines, but also in recipients and biota, both in assumed hot-spot areas and in background areas.




Thanks to Anna Gade Holm, John Dyrbye, Kirsten Johansen and Thoams K. Kjellerup, all Danish Nature Agency and Martin Larsen, Institute of Bioscience, Aarhus University for assistance during selection of sampling sites and providing samples for this project.


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