Screening of phenolic substances in the Nordic environments

image of Screening of phenolic substances in the Nordic environments

The aim of this Nordic study was to investigate the occurrence of different phenolic substances in the Nordic environment. The phenolic substances include both long and short chain alkylphenols, some bisphenols and monoetoxylates of octyl- and nonylphenols. Most of the selected substances are so-called high production volume (HPV) chemicals and are considered being more or less persistent in the environment and/or hazardous to aquatic organisms. Some are of even greater concern due to endocrine effects.



Sampling Guideline

This guideline concerns the sampling, sample handling and shipping of water, sludge, soil, sediment, and a variety of biota samples for trace analysis of organic contaminants. The guideline is intended for a suite of phenolic substances. To obtain representative and comparable samples from all countries, this sampling guideline should be followed as precisely as possible, and any deviations from the guideline must be reported in the sampling protocols.


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