Screening of phenolic substances in the Nordic environments

image of Screening of phenolic substances in the Nordic environments

The aim of this Nordic study was to investigate the occurrence of different phenolic substances in the Nordic environment. The phenolic substances include both long and short chain alkylphenols, some bisphenols and monoetoxylates of octyl- and nonylphenols. Most of the selected substances are so-called high production volume (HPV) chemicals and are considered being more or less persistent in the environment and/or hazardous to aquatic organisms. Some are of even greater concern due to endocrine effects.




Nine water samples from STP influents and sewage streams have been measured. Apart from 4-tBuP, which has not been determined due to contamination problems, and di-Me-TBBPA, that was undetected, all other substances were recorded in most samples. All samples generally show highest concentration of NP-mix, BPA and NP1EO, but NP-mix range from 265 to 5,688 ng/L, BPA ranged from 204 to 9,828 ng/L and NP1EO ranged from 1,142 to 4,896 ng/L. Some of the highest values were outside the calibration range, and, therefore, are estimates with higher uncertainty. Also Dodecylphenol (DDP) showed rather high values, but also these values are somewhat uncertain due to interferences in the chromatograms. Highest concentrations were detected in the STPs in Finland, both regarding NP-mix and BPA, but also the influent sample from Lynetten in Copenhagen showed high values. Also for NP1EO did the Finnish STPs have high values together with the sample from the Sersjantvikin STP in Tórshavn (FO). See Figure 14 for a graphical description of these trends.


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