Scoping Study on Releases from Products with a Proposal of the Next Steps

image of Scoping Study on Releases from Products with a Proposal of the Next Steps

A Pollutant Release and Transfer Register (PRTR) is an environmental database or inventory of potentially harmful chemicals and/or pollutants released to air, water and soil, and transferred off-site for treatment. A PRTR brings together in one place information about what pollutants are being released, how much and by whom. The overall objective of this project was to establish a basis for possible future inclusion of information on releases from products in PRTRs. In this Scoping study on Releases from Products, information was collected on the present status of estimating releases from products and the used techniques, as well as on priority products and substances included in PRTRs in OECD member countries.



Status of inclusion of releases from products in PRTRs

One goal of this project was to explore the status of information on the releases from products in the existing PRTRs. To this end, a survey was carried out in two steps: first by the means of a questionnaire and then by interviews and email contacts with the identified key persons and organizations. The investigation also included a study of relevant reports and websites.


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