Saltsjöbaden VI Workshop 2018

Clean Air for a Sustainable Future — Goals and Challenges

image of Saltsjöbaden VI Workshop 2018

Air pollution is a global threat that requires international collaboration and coordinated actions for its solution. Several international organisations have highlighted the problem and are taking action. In order to meet future challenges and develop collaboration, an international workshop was held in Göteborg 19-21 March 2018. It was the 6th in the series of the so called “Saltsjöbaden workshops” and was attended by approx. 180 participants and 20 international organisations. It was organised by the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency and the IVL Swedish Environmental Research Institute with support from the Nordic Council of Ministers and in close collaboration with and support from the UNECE Geneva Convention on Long-range Transboundary Air Pollution. The workshop ended in a set of recommendations directed to actors and processes in order to facilitate and intensify future work.



Отчет заседания группы Восточный регион КТЗВБР – путь к чистому воздуху (Recommendations from Topic 3)

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