Saltsjöbaden V - Taking international air pollution policies into the future

Gothenburg 24-26 June 2013

image of Saltsjöbaden V - Taking international air pollution policies into the future

24-26 June 2013, 130 leading international policy makers, scientists, experts and others met at an international workshop in Gothenburg, Sweden, in order to discuss and outline future directions in air pollution science and policy. The workshop, which was organised in close collaboration with the Convention on Long-range Transboundary Air Pollution and the European Commission, involved several themes such as linkages to climate change including SLCP, nitrogen, global governance and effects to health and environment. The output is a series of recommendations for further actions with respect to effects to health, ecosystems and near-term climate actions. Recommendations were also given with respect to heavy metals and POPs. The recommendations are directed towards several international organisations and initiatives such as CLRTAP, European Commission, Climate and Clean Air Coalition and the Arctic Council.



Working Group Reports

Participants: Nadine Allemand, Mark Barrett, Jean-Guy Bartaire, William Collins, Anna Forsgren, Alf Grini, Sigmund Guttu, HC Hansson, Wojciech Jozewicz, Niko Karvosenoja, Karin Kindbom, Adam Kristensson, Lina Lagunavičienė, Joakim Langner, Annika Markovic, Olivier Parks, Pam Pearson, David Simpson, Vanisa Surapipith, Gaston Theis, Kjetil Tørseth, Milan Vana, Sonja Vidie


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