Risk of Air Pollution in Relation to Cancer in the Nordic Countries

image of Risk of Air Pollution in Relation to Cancer in the Nordic Countries

Seventeen pollutants (particles, heavy metals, inorganic gasses and organic compounds) are for the first time analyzed in a screening of the carcinogenic risk at very high resolution and large scale in ambient air in the Nordic countries. Modelled 2010 annual mean air concentrations show no exceedances of the EU air quality values. The only exceedance of US-EPA 1:100,000 cancer risk concentrations occurs for the PAH BaP in Denmark. However, the EU target value threshold for BaP is not exceeded. No emission data for BaP are available for the other countries and important uncertainties are still related to the Danish emissions. Long-range transport is significant except for BaP that originates mostly from residential wood combustion. It is recommended to monitor the influence from residential wood combustion more extensively, and to analyze longer time trends for long-term human exposure.




Gridded (1x1 km2 resolution) Danish air concentrations of PM2.5, PM10, As, Cd, Cr, Hg, Ni, Pb, NMVOC, PCDD/F, NOx, B(a)P, B(b)F, B(k)F and Indeno(cd)pyrene are derived from UBM modelling of national sources and accounting for long-range transport from outside Denmark by adding a background concentration (Eq. 1) for the pollutants in italics, and from UBM (national sources) and DEHM (long-range transport) modelling for the other pollutants.


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