Risk assessment framework for management of the factor 3 rule in the Council Decision 2003/33/EC on waste acceptance criteria

EU landfill directive defines three categories of landfills: landfills for inert waste, for normal waste and for hazardous waste. Criteria for which waste may be disposed at each type of landfill are also given. They consist primarily in limit values for the leaching of inorganic components. It is however possible to allow higher limit values for specific waste and components. However, this requires a risk assessment to demonstrate that this represents no additional risks to the environment. This report provides guidance on possible approaches to a risk assessment in cases where deviations from the landfill regulations are considered and to point out key issues to be taken into account. A proposal for an approach to be used in the impact assessment is presented. The focus is primarily on inorganic constituents. The results of this project may be used in the development of national guidelines on deviation from EU landfill criteria.