Restoration priorities and strategies

Restoration to protect biodiversity and enhance green infrastructure: Nordic examples of priorities and needs for strategic solutions

image of Restoration priorities and strategies

Restoration is a tool to achieve several of the strategic targets of The Convention on Biological Diversity from 2010. Currently, there is no standard for how to set priorities for restoration. The aim of this project was to exchange knowledge between the Nordic countries and Estonia regarding experiences of restoration and priority setting with a landscape perspective. Using case examples, the project explores and discusses approaches for setting priorities, and suggests possible ways of improved approaches for prioritization. This includes how to improve Green Infrastructure and measures for protection of species and habitats in fragmented landscapes. The case examples use different approaches, and provide ideas, reflections and take-home messages to enhance future prioritization. This report show that there is a need for greater emphasis on the prioritization aspects of restoration.



On-going policies for restoration priority in the Nordic countries

When compared to central and western Europe, the Nordic countries contain large areas with relatively intact and well-functioning ecosystems. The main focus of conservation efforts to date has thus been to preserve existing values. Important tools have been formal protection (of species and areas), payments for management and restoration of semi-natural landscapes, and requirements for general consideration of environmental needs in on-going land use. Ecological restoration has also been used in conservation, as in the hydrological restoration of wetlands, liming of acidified lakes and rivers, prescribed burning of forests and a number of single projects in other habitats (see e.g. Hagen et al. 2012, Similä et al. 2014).


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