Restoration of damaged ecosystems in the Nordic countries

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The ReNo network has consolidated knowledge on ecological restoration work in the Nordic region and facilitated exchange of this knowledge within and between the Nordic countries. Scientific papers, reports on the status of restoration, guidebooks on restoration, and analyses of ecological restoration in the area have been published as a result of the network. Ecosystem degradation is a problem in all the Nordic countries, but varies in nature, severity and scale between the countries. In order to counteract present and past ecological degradation, all the Nordic countries emphasise ecological restoration, but to various degrees. Ecological restoration has the potential to make a critical contribution for the benefit of the global environment and human living conditions. The ReNo network recommends that this important activity should be prioritized in Nordic environmental policy.



Ecological restoration in the Nordic countries

Extensive human induced ecosystem degradation, primarily over the past 50 years, has resulted in degradation of important ecosystem services and a substantial loss in the diversity of life on Earth (MEA 2005). This has serious sociological and economic consequences, including augmentation of global climate change and a negative impact on food security and important ecosystem services, such as hydrology, fertility, and resilience against natural disasters (MEA 2005). Global conservation efforts have not managed to stop this development and biodiversity continues to decline at an accelerating rate (Butchart et al. 2010).


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