Regulatory Safety Assessment of Nanomaterials

Are we facing the same challenges as the regulation of endocrine disrupting chemicals?

image of Regulatory Safety Assessment of Nanomaterials

The Nordic NanoNet Workshop and EDC discussion was organised in October 2011 in Espoo, Finland as part of the 2011 Finnish chairmanship of the Nordic Council of Ministers (NMR). The workshop focused on the safety assessment and management of nanomaterials (NMs) while reflecting on experiences in regulating endocrine disrupting chemicals (EDCs). This report describes the presentations, break-out group discussions and conclusions of the meeting. The regulatory frameworks and links between NMs and EDCs as well as the applicability of test guidelines and risk assessment tools for nanomaterials were addressed in presentations and break-out group work. Regulatory possibilities were further considered in a panel-led discussion. The Nordic dimension was of special interest: strengthening of Nordic regulatory cooperation in the field of nanosafety gained support, while commencing a TG/GD project in the OECD test guideline programme was seen a concrete idea for future cooperation.



Introductory presentations

The introductory presentation on technical challenges and policy issues related to EDCs and NMs raised some of the questions central to the themes and goals of the meeting. A main concern was whether we should proceed with decision-making and guidance on NMs and EDCs or alternatively wait for new scientific information before acting. The adequacy of the definitions for EDCs and NMs were addressed at length. Should definitions be strictly scientific or also include practical considerations? Should the EDC definition cover all hormonal modalities, including effects related to immunotoxicology and metabolia? Should we strive for a common NM definition in all EU legislation?


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