Reference conditions and EQOs for aquatic vegetation and macrozoobenthos

image of Reference conditions and EQOs for aquatic vegetation and macrozoobenthos

Development of a methodological approach to define and characterise type areas of selected elements of the ecosystems in the open parts of the Skagerrak and Kattegat. The selected elements are aquatic vegetation on hard substrate and macrozoobenthos. Furthermore, the project will develop quantitative ecological relationships and empirical models that describe the relationship between anthropogenic pressures and biological elements.



Ecological classification

Management of marine water has for many years been based on a common understanding that the ecological status in many water bodies has been impaired. The response to impaired ecological status has been adoption of various action plans including measure mitigating the causes. In term of eutrophication, the countries around the Skagerrak and Kattegat have adopted plans aimed at a 50% reduction of inputs of nitrogen and phosphorus. Time has shown that parts of these areas are still eutrophic and that additional measures are needed in order to reduce inputs to levels resulting in an acceptable ecological quality. The costs of reducing inputs are increasing and this has lead to a discussion what an acceptable ecological quality really is.


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