Reducing Risks and Increasing Environmental Security in Arctic Waters

How can the Nordic Countries Enhance Cooperation?

image of Reducing Risks and Increasing Environmental Security in Arctic Waters

Available online: https://pub.norden.org/temanord2020-506/ Abstract [en]: The Arctic is undergoing rapid climate change, and the shrinking sea ice opens up possibilities of exploring more of the Arctic Ocean for economic development, including new sea routes. Maritime activity and particularly commercial shipping, including cruise ship tourism, cargo transportation and fishing vessels, is projected to increase substantially. There are evident risks to human safety and environmental security related to an increase of shipping in the Arctic. This report focues on how the Nordic countries can together work towards increase environmental security in Arctic waters and reduce risks associated with increased shipping activity in the region.



Analysis: What needs to be done and what can Nordic cooperation bring of value?

As illustrated in Chapter 3 of this report, the Arctic, including the geographic and IMO Arctic, faces increasing maritime activity, particularly shipping, which entails an increased risk of accidents and natural disasters posing threats to human lives and environmental protection. Based on the research of this report, including desktop studies, survey responses and interviews with relevant Nordic representatives, these risks have a twofold nature in the Arctic region. There is work to be done in mitigating risks in relation to Arctic shipping, and enhanced Nordic cooperation can drive this development forward.


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