Public-Private Partnerships for Climate Finance

image of Public-Private Partnerships for Climate Finance

There is strong evidence showing the urgent need for scaling-up climate finance to mitigate greenhouse gases in line with the 2°C target, and to support adaptation to safeguard the international community from the consequences of a changing climate. While public actors have a responsibility to deploy climate finance, it is clear that the contribution from the private sector needs to be significant. Consequently, a strong public commitment is needed to engage with the private sector and ensure climate finance is leveraged and deployed effectively. In this context, Public Private Partnerships (PPPs) are a promising avenue to contribute to climate finance delivery. PPPs provide frameworks to ensure public leadership and accountability in tackling climate change, while enabling the ownership of certain components of climate finance to be transferred to private hands.



Detailed case studies

The Green For Growth Fund (GGF) Southeast Europe was established in December 2009 as a public-private partnership aiming to achieve a 20% reduction in energy consumption and/or a 20% reduction in CO2 emissions in the target region by 2020, in line with the Europe-2020 initiative. The GGF’s organizational structure includes a range of donors, international financial institutions and private investor.


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