Product policies on the environmental performance of washing machines

Investigating the synergies and coherence between policy instruments

image of Product policies on the environmental performance of washing machines

This report constitutes part of the larger project Eco-design and Future Product Policy – Further research on Energyrelated Products. The objective was to investigate how nine policy instruments affect the development and environmental performance of household washing machines. The following policy instruments are investigated: 1. The Eco-design Directive2. The EU energy label Directive3. The WEEE Directive4. The RoHS Directive5. The REACH Regulation6. The EU Ecolabel Regulation7. The Nordic Swan8. Green Public Procurements (GPP)9. Voluntary Environmental Agreements (VA)




The mandatory and the voluntary instruments are intended to support each other. The mandatory instruments such as the Eco-design Directive and RoHS should remove the environmentally worst performing products and materials from the market, while the voluntary instruments should encourage the marketing and sale of the best performing products and encourage eco-innovations. The different policy instruments could function as building blocks, building on top of each other to achieve the common goal: to improve the environmental performance of products.


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