Product Environmental Information and Product Policies

How Product Environmental Footprint (PEF) Changes the Situation?

image of Product Environmental Information and Product Policies

Reliable information is needed to drive the market towards ecologically sound products. Product Environmental Footprint has many properties that are new to the Life Cycle Assessment tradition, increasing the consistency, accuracy and comparability of the results. It is important to start the organization of the PEF scheme, and invest in efforts to rapidly increase the number of product and service groups and actual product-specific PEF reports involved in the PEF scheme. Possibilities for common information basis and coordination between environmental information sources for the various product policy instruments and the PEF should be explored. Cooperation between type 1 eco-labels like the Nordic Swan and the forthcoming PEF scheme(s) is important.



The Product Environmental Footprint PEF

This chapter explains why the EC developed the PEF, which improvements it includes compared with other approaches to PEI and which parts are not ready yet and must be developed and finished.


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