Plastic Waste Markets

Overcoming Barriers to Better Resource Utilisation

image of Plastic Waste Markets

This project examines the market for recycled plastic, with a primary focus on post-consumer plastic waste because this is considered to be the more problematic. The market for plastic waste generated in manufacturing and production is relatively strong and well-functioning; As a consequence, the majority of plastic waste from manufacturing and production is recycled. Post-consumer waste is much less homogenous: it comes from a wide variety of sources, and contains a wide variety of plastics and tends to be difficult to collect, sort, and recycle. This project identifies barriers to further utilisation of recycled plastics, and analyses a collection of policy tools that could be used to support and expand that market.




This report outlines the findings of a project by Copenhagen Resource Institute, NIRAS,IIIEE and VTT for the Nordic Council of Ministers Waste Group. The project investigates the possibility for using policy actions to support and expand the market for waste plastics in the Nordic region. This has the objective of increasing the recycling of plastics and minimising the down-cycling and incineration of plastic waste.


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