Plastic Waste Markets

Overcoming Barriers to Better Resource Utilisation

image of Plastic Waste Markets

This project examines the market for recycled plastic, with a primary focus on post-consumer plastic waste because this is considered to be the more problematic. The market for plastic waste generated in manufacturing and production is relatively strong and well-functioning; As a consequence, the majority of plastic waste from manufacturing and production is recycled. Post-consumer waste is much less homogenous: it comes from a wide variety of sources, and contains a wide variety of plastics and tends to be difficult to collect, sort, and recycle. This project identifies barriers to further utilisation of recycled plastics, and analyses a collection of policy tools that could be used to support and expand that market.



Reference list

Andersen, L. (2015): Plastic sorting at recycling centres. Background report. TemaNord 2015:511. ISBN 978-92-893-4026-7 (PDF) http://dx.doi.org/10.6027/ANP2015-722.


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