Plastic sorting at recycling centres

Background report

image of Plastic sorting at recycling centres

The report is part of the Nordic Prime Ministers’ overall green growth initiative: “The Nordic Region – leading in green growth” – read more in the web magazine “Green Growth the Nordic Way” at www.nordicway.org or at www.norden.org/greengrowth



Aim and background

This report is a background report for the “Guideline of plastic sorting at recycling centres”. The aim of the guideline is to give assistance to the choices made by the management of the recycling centres with the purpose of collecting plastic of better qualities and in greater quantities. The collection at recycling centres will often be part of a larger system for collection of waste plastic, e.g. often supplementing kerbside collection of plastic materials. The overall ambition is that most of the recyclable plastic is sorted out for recycling. The guide addresses both larger, advanced recycling centres and smaller recycling centres.


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